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Heilbad Heiligenstadt

Heilbad Heiligenstadt is the county seat of Eichsfeld in Thuringia and has about 16.000 inhabitants.


The town started as a demesne which was then given to the archbishop of Mainz. It was first mentioned in a document in 973 and was granted town privileges in 1227. In the 19th century the town and county went to Prussia. Building the salt-water hydropathic baths in 1929 was the beginning of the spa in Heilbad Heiligenstadt. After the Second World War the town was part of the German Democratic Republic. 


Husum novelist Theodor Storm lived in Heilbad Heiligenstadt 1856 until 1864 and worked as a judge. Parts of his story "Pole Poppenspäler" play there. One of the three museums is about the writer.


There are close contacts between the Theodor Storm society and the firebrigade.


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